This blog is managed by top orthopaedic doctors from The Orthopaedic Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Dr. John Greco, M.D., Dr. Michael Cantrell, M.D. and Dr. Stanton Davis M.D., all perform Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy and specialize in muscularskeletal areas of the body where PRP has shown effectiveness. This blog serves to advance patient understanding of PRP and Regenerative Medical Therapies. To learn more about each doctor, please visit The Orthopaedic Center’s PRP website.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is the removal of a small amount of blood from a patient with a soft tissue injury (tendon, ligament, muscle, etc.). The blood contains healing components called platelets that release growth factor used by the body to grow and create cells. These platelets are not normally used by the body in large enough concentrations in various injuries. Patients’ blood is thus spun in a centrifuge, which extracts and concentrates these natural healing platelets. The concentrated platelets are then directly injected into an injury, catalyzing the body’s natural healing abilities. This entire process takes roughly an hour and has very minimal side effects because the natural materials used are the the patient’s own.

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