Platelet-Rich Plasma helps Rocco’s Elbow

Rocco Mediate is best known in the golfing world for his candid personality and the epic 2008 duel at the US Open against Tiger Woods. Rocco is loved by fans because of his willingness to ink autographs and his continual attempts to overcome looming challenges that define his underdog status. Rocco’s latest set of challenges came not on the course, but from his body. In 2009, after dealing with chronic back problems, Rocco underwent knee surgery to his right knee. Earlier this year, Rocco dealt with painful tendon tears in his elbow by having a series of three Platelet-Rich Plasma injections (PRP).

During Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy (PRP), a doctor concentrates the patient’s blood platelets (naturally occurring blood components that heal and re-grow cells) by spinning a small sample of blood in a centrifuge. Those platelets are then delivered directly to soft-tissue injuries. The entire process takes about an hour and requires only a standard blood draw and simple injection. A variety of PRP studies have shown varying degrees of success in tendonitis, tennis elbow, Achilles tendinosis, plantar faciitis, osteoarthritis, knee ligament injuries, and muscle tears. A recent study found PRP more effective in treating tennis elbow than corticosteroid. Because of these applications, PRP has been widely used in professional athletics. John Daly and the eventual victor of the epic 2008 US Open duel against Rocco, Tiger Woods, are among the professional golfers who have used PRP to expedite their own healing.

Rocco will play the majority of regular season PGA Tour events this year due to his win last October at the open. Rocco said  his elbow felt healthy following the PRP injections. “The elbow feels good,” Rocco stated after making the cut at the Arnold Palmer Invitational this year. Rocco nears the halfway mark in this year’s FedEx Cup standings in 184th position. He is hoping his scores will feel as good as the elbow.

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