Platelet-rich Plasma and Rafael Nadal’s Knee Tendinitis

World Number 1, Rafael Nadal appears to have received PRP for knee tendinitis

There has been speculation surrounding what treatment Rafael Nadal received to combat severe tendinitis in his knees. In a recent NY Times article, Nadal described the treatment he received in his left knee vaguely, saying it was painful and difficult to describe in English.  He elaborated further saying he hoped another treatment would do for his right knee what it did for his left.

Tennis star, James Blake took 10 weeks off earlier this year following a Platelet-Rich Plasma injection (PRP) in his knee tendinitis.

“…whether or not that helped, I don’t know. Figured couldn’t hurt.” Blake said of the treatment at Wimbledon. “Supposed to get you back on the court quicker. I don’t know if it did. I mean, I was back in ten weeks. My trainer and other people say that that kind of tendonitis could last a lot longer and could keep going. But I was back and felt good, and basically now, right next to it, another ‑‑ the tendon has been damaged right next to it.”

Due to Blake’s treatment, it has been speculated that Nadal may have received PRP. On his blog, Stanford’s Dr. Allan Mishra, MD, reported Nadal may have been treated with PRP.

“It appears as if Nadal has had his creaky knees treated with platelet rich plasma,” Dr. Mishra wrote on his blog.  “He has described it himself but only incompletely.  What we do not know is what type of PRP was used,  how it was injected and how he is being treated after the procedure.”

A comment was posted on Dr. Mishra’s blog post by Mikel Sánchez, MD, the doctor responsible for treating Nadal’s knees. While Dr. Sánchez wrote he would not discuss the specifics of patients’ treatment, the comment describes the growth factor technology Dr. Sanchez uses, as well as platelet concentration levels associated with that growth factor equipment. If the comment was actually created by Nadal’s doctor, it would be the first official acknowledgment that Nadal received PRP for knee tendinitis.

To view the blog post and Dr. Sánchez’s comment, click here.

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